Hello all! My name is Diego Batres, and I am the newest addition to Vivian’s Campaign! I’m helping manage the social media accounts and various other odds and ends. I’m a Washingtonian born and raised, and I am currently attending Seattle University for a double major in English and Political Science.

I’m super excited to be involved in this campaign and to (hopefully) make a difference in our local politics. I attended Roosevelt High School, so while I don’t have direct experience with School District 4, I have attended Seattle Public Schools. Those experiences are part of why I have chosen to work with Vivian. In particular, her position on mental health services as essential is absolutely correct and sorely needed, especially in our high schools. It is clear to me that she really cares about Seattle Public Schools and its families, and while I can’t vote for her, I encourage everyone who can to do so. I look forward to seeing how the primary shakes down, and if we make it through, you may see some personal anecdotes about my experiences with SPS in the future.

Remember, the primary ends on August 3rd! Make sure to vote!