I recently visited West Woodland Elementary to take a picture that I posted to Facebook a couple of days ago. However, due to the nature of Facebook and the length of posts, I couldn’t explain in detail the importance of Capital Projects. I will do so now.

Seattle is a growing city, and just about daily we are welcoming new families with children who will attend Seattle Public Schools. I recently also visited Adams Elementary to film this video, and I saw there that we are already failing to keep up with our growing population. Portables, temporary classrooms placed outside of the main building, are not a long-term solution. They are inferior to normal classrooms in most aspects, often lacking either heating or AC (or both), can be cramped, and allow more opportunity for students to become distracted.

The portables are representative of a larger issue. We are also falling behind in transportation services, many of our schools’ technology labs are growing increasingly outdated, and we need to hire more staff for the increasingly large student body.

I support greater funding to meet our growing needs, including upgrading our school buildings and ensuring that our schools have the infrastructure to support our students. That means up-to-date technology, appropriate staffing levels, and ensuring that every student has a seat in the classroom.

West Woodland Elementary is currently finishing its own Capital Project to add some classrooms, parking, and gym room! This is exactly the kind of project that will allow us to adjust to the growing needs of our students and families.